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God damn!

2013-02-24 20:40:51 by Rabone

Almost 2 years away! I come back!
Vacation from the job so... a lot of time to spend. I made 2 new songs... and probably make another one.
I hope you enjoy!
See ya!

Hi people

2011-11-14 15:10:24 by Rabone

And another year pass by.

I am really sad lately, no much to do, only work on myself. I stop composing but I am take lesson of guitar and sing a lot... soon I'll be able to do better songs like I always like to.

So... Yes I know, a promise a lot but delivers so little. I hope I can make it throught this time.

Thanks for reading.


2010-05-22 13:39:14 by Rabone

After one year. I'm back.

Submited 2 songs, 8 Bit tunes called VoxSun and Steel. Plus a FL song called Alony.
All very simple, I just need to get used to make songs and learn more and more.
I hope I don't left the NG again.

See you guys!


2009-03-07 20:21:16 by Rabone

Yeah Yeah!
My last submit is a song I made in a tracker from Nintendo DS, the Nitrotracker... for starters I think it´s good. Have no effects at all and in that time had no loops, very limited! I used the samples from a mod music from the game Lotus for PC.
The song is okay for one of my first ones, a little repetitive... but I like!

I´ve been busy with my university and I´m still waiting for my midi controler, for now I´m just practicing with my Harmonica and trying to get back with my guitar.

That´s it!
See ya!

Well Well

2009-02-24 03:08:00 by Rabone

The last submit is a very simple music, I like the melody... but I made it in about 1 or 2 hours... nothing special.
But I really like the sound of the samples and synths.

Now I´m trying to do a song with LYRICS, yes, it´s very hard, I can compose an awesome melody singing, make the Lyrics, but is very hard to pass it to the program and make the whole song.
But me and my friend Cuzone will try to make this song, I hope we can make it... what we did so far is very cool ^^

This is what we have for the lyrics until now:

"All that I want is to reach your pretty face

Running thru the night to catch your love embrace

Me and you todaayyy

Thru night and day!

I´ve come to see you fly
Please don´t ask me why


The Lights are so bright
Tonight you´ll be mine


Can´t wait to hear it, isn´t? lol
Let´s make it!

See ya!

Oh god.

2009-02-15 21:44:28 by Rabone


Well, two submits already, the first song I made in a haste, the second is surprisingly good for my standards lol.
I am new to the music scene, everyday fighting with myself and FL Studio, I always used Trackers to make some "songs". But now with FL studio, despite all the problems to use it, I can make some presentable songs.

I wanna thanks my friend Cuzone to help me with all the questions about Music and the FL Studio.
Thanks Cuzone :)

My love is on the Beat, and my life is a Melody.